“What is Cloud Storage?” Cloud storage is an Internet-based storage platform with a significant chunk of space offered by Microsoft (or other providers) Think of it as a hard drive to store your files in the cloud.

We have recently moved many of our smaller clients away from onsite servers to use OneDrive Cloud Storage and Azure Active Directory (Active Directory is the service that controls the user accounts and passwords on PCs/laptops). If your server is nearing retirement (or you don’t have a server and are contemplating getting one) and you use it only for file storage/sharing and email (VPOP/Exchange for controlling the email etc) we can move you to the cloud and you won’t require a server.

There are many instances in which we recommend businesses to have an onsite server and many businesses still require a server (for example when you have applications that aren’t cloud based and can’t be moved). However many of our smaller clients have now migrated their email to Office 365 and file storage and logon management to the cloud so no longer require an onsite server.

OneDrive cloud storage comes as part of many Office 365 licenses that also include email/office software, take a look which license you would need here