Having a server is still the right solution for a lot of our customers as it manages all of their logons/data/file permissions and crucially their software. For example programs like Sage 200 or Microsoft Dynamics normally require an SQL Server to run which can be installed on a local server and the server can be configured to have the right specification to work efficiently. The question is can a Cloud server offer you the same efficiency as an on-site server?

There are many instances in which we recommend businesses to have an onsite server and this is for cost reasons as although you have to pay one large payment to buy the server you won’t have monthly payments thereafter. However with a cloud server this will be charged monthly either for the server spec or per user. This can become very costly depending on your business size and depending what spec you need. However there are advantages for both solutions which you can see below.

It’s important to note that the decision to have an onsite server or opt for cloud-based solutions depends on various factors such as the organization’s needs, budget, security considerations, and available resources. Businesses should carefully evaluate their requirements before determining the most suitable infrastructure solution for their IT needs.