Can you help us improve IT systems?! We’re not IT literate and need help!

  • We’ll come over and check anything you’re worried about and explain things in plain English
  • If you’re starting from scratch we’ll offer our advise and experience putting you down the right path from the get-go
  • We’ll highlight any issues with your current setup and offer our advice on possible improvements
  • If you explain what you need your IT to do we’ll explain the best way to achieve this on a budget that suits your needs

We’ve helped many customers improve their IT (…read our testimonials) so that they have one less thing to worry about!

Do I have to take a contract or can we use you as and when needed?

  • You can call us even if you don’t have a contract, we’re happy to support you on a pay-as-you-need-us basis!
  • Our contract customers take priority, you can always upgrade to a contract at any point and our contracts are 30 day contracts so cancel anytime!
  • A contract will give you piece of mind at fixed monthly price, no scary labour costs if you have any major computer/network issues
  • On a pay-as-you-need-us basis we charge the first hour then our hourly rate in 10 minute increments after this first hour. For remote work we charge the 10 minute increments, if it take 10 minutes we’ll only charge 10 minutes!

30 day contracts / cancel anytime/ support when you need it!

I only have one PC in my company, will you help me?

  • Yes! We can help you no matter how many computers you have!
  • You can tell us what you’d like to be able to do, we’ll advise you and discuss your options
  • We can advise on computers/backups/remotely working from outside of your office/antivirus and other software solutions (and more!)

Our initial meeting/consultation is always free so call us for a chat. If you don’t want to go ahead with anything that’s completely fine!

What do your contracts cover? Tell me more!

  • unlimited call outs/unlimited remote support/unlimited phone support
  • Our contracts over all labour in order to maintain your network at it’s current state
  • Our contracts are rolling 30 day contracts, we won’t lock you into using us for a year or paying for a whole year like other IT companies!
  • New equipment is chargeable to install (but at a 10% discounted labour rate). Once new equipment is installed it becomes part of the contract and maintaining this equipment is then included in maintenance contract cover

We provide contracts for customers from 1 PC to 100 PCs